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it is about impact, goodness and spreading the leverage through technology

Sheila Kiplagat, 12 in Mogotio, Kenya at one of TechLit's labs

The girl in the video is a sixth-grader, Sheila Jelagat. It was her first day at the lab, and like most of our users, she had never used a computer. When I introduced her to touch-typing, she left almost immediately.

I ran into her on her way out, and convinced her to come back. I handed her a pen and paper for the arithmetic and showed her tux math. She loved it, and after one hour in, she wanted to give touch-typing a go.

She did not come back. I later learned it was because she was helping her mom harvest tomatoes to sell door-to-door. This was not uncommon with the girls in our lab. I for one would not have been able to attend TechLit's open lab session if it existed when I was growing up. I spent my weekends herding cattle or selling food.

Not to worry though, we have just shipped enough computers for our next phase of the project which is ten schools with computer labs. They will all get equal access in schools.

Nelly Cheboi

adoption of technology is the most effective equalizer

As a couple and software engineers, we believe adoption of technology is the most effective equalizer.

Tyler and I met at our first engineering jobs. I grew up in abject poverty, in Mogotio, Kenya. Although I didn’t use a keyboard until I was eighteen, I now enjoy a successful career as a software engineer. Tyler is a self-taught programmer from Shabbona, Illinois. Though he didn’t pursue a software career early on, he was able to learn all the skills he now uses daily from freely available content online. Within a year, he was successful in a new field. Tyler is proof that a motivated person can gain skills if they have access to the right technology and content

In the beginning, typing in front of my team was so intimidating that I would tremble if required to type in that setting. I practiced for a year to gain the skill and confidence that my colleagues took for granted. I believe, through technology, my African community can find a sustainable solution to poverty.

Summer 2019 in Mogotio, Kenya




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