My Niece hosting the after school program, she is eight

My Niece hosting the after school program, she is eight

  • Nelly Cheboi
  • Monday, Mar 11, 2019

I cannot think of a better success story than the one of my niece Michelle. In the above picture, she collected all her neighborhood friends and walked them through the different programs. She goes to a different school, she is one grade higher than the highest Zawadi Prep class.

She collects all the neighborhood kids and hosts the after-school program. She sits in the middle so she can monitor and guide all of them. She hadn’t received any training. Unknown to us, she was observing the whole time as Tyler and I were setting up servers, preparing lessons and training the teachers to help the students. As far as she knows, the only text editor there is is the terminal. She would pull up the terminal and type Zawadi Prep over and over again. It was her way of learning to type. We tried to show the text editor, that came bundled with Elementary OS but she wouldn’t use it. She didn’t say it, but I bet her reasoning was: if they are not using it why should I?

She found every software program that came bundled with our set up. She played every game. She asked us once how to play a certain game, we didn’t know and were busy at the moment to show her. Shortly after she was showing her friends how to play it.

Here is the best one. My friend had come over to the lab. She said, “hey do you want to see our content?” They were like, “sure.” She then opened up a computer, navigated to waited for the index page to load and said, “look, we have all these.” She navigated through the index page to her favorite song and started playing it. I teared up a little bit. I did not teach any of that.