Stories From The Classroom

Kate Drawing Something New

2022-06-09 | by Irene Pepit
Story Kate Inkscape Design Smiling

Kate Jepchirchir is a third grader in Zawadi Yetu Academy. Today, being their second week using Inkscape, we decided that we are not going to draw shapes, since they're already used to drawing shapes.

How can I make a house?

2022-06-09 | by Irene Chelimo
Story 06 09 Inkscape House Fill

To make my Inkscape classes better, I've been giving kids options on what they can design. As I was doing intro at Dreams Hills Academy, I gave several options, one of them being a house.

Students and Their Hobbies

2022-06-09 | by Stanley Kipkurui
Story Stano Logiri Joy Teaching

Logiri Primary is a public school in rural Kenya. Since I became a school lead there, I've found certain students exhausting and frustrating. But I'm glad I've had those experiences and it helped me better my understanding of children.