How can I make a house?

by Irene Chelimo on Jun 9, 2022

To make my Inkscape classes better, I've been giving kids options on what they can design. As I was doing intro at Dreams Hills Academy, I gave several options, one of them being a house.

There was a grade 2 student Joyline. From the very 1st minute, of their class after I had done the intro, she was trying and struggling to make a house.

She kept asking me questions. "How can I make a house?" "How can I paint different parts with different colors?"

So I showed her how to use the fill bucket, which most kids found too difficult. At first, she make a sketch of a flower.

Story 06 09 Inkscape Flower

As she was drawing, it seems she got another idea about how to make her work nice. She deleted everything and designed a house and it's surrounding.

Story 06 09 Inkscape House Fill