Students and Their Hobbies

by Stanley Kipkurui on Jun 9, 2022
Story Stano Logiri Joy Teaching

Logiri Primary is a public school in rural Kenya. Since I became a school lead there, I've found certain students exhausting and frustrating. But I'm glad I've had those experiences and it helped me better my understanding of children.

I tried to make their computer classes as fun and interactive as I could. For the nursery students, our youngest students, I showed them how to use a mouse with the GCompris app. These students love clicking the mouse to remove stickers to see the picture behind.

For the junior primary classes, students learnt about using basic programming languages. I have more fun with the junior primary classes because their classes are more interactive and engaging. I found out more about my students, and helped them use their strengths in the computer class activities.

I noticed a grade 3A student drawing cartoons during the break period, and I was surprised by how good he was. I watched him for a few minutes, but when he noticed me, he tried to hide his work.

You might be wondering why I take interest in the hobbies of my students, and how any of this is related to computer literacy. But the fact is that every act of encouragement makes students more open and start to interact with me freely.