Children in Kenya Learning Digital Skills With TechLit Africa

Let's Ship a Container of Computers for the Holidays

Unlock the Digital Economy - Straight from Rural Africa

You can learn anything online nowadays, all you need is a computer with internet. The internet unlocks valuable jobs and experiences.

Our team of Kenyan teachers already teaches computer skills to 4,000 children in Kenyan schools. We can reach many times more children with more computers.

I Have an Old Laptop

I Can Help Ship the Container

We built 10 computer labs this year, enabling over 4,000 kids

Experience our work with this music video, performed and produced by our teachers and students.

We Need 1,610 More Computers

We accept any kind of computer (Windows and Mac), networking equipment and computer parts. We especially need laptops and monitors. We will recycle anything we can't use.

290 of 2,000 donated so far

Donate Used Laptops

We can give your laptop a second life. We accept working Macs and PCs less than eight years old. We securely remove all data from computer donations as soon as possible.

We Need $172,350 to Continue

100% of your donation will go to the program. Our expenses are mostly shipping and handling computers and supporting educators.

$27,650 of $200,000 donated so far

Donate monthly to empower
the next generation of African youth

Your donation would make a lasting impact for kids in rural Africa.

Choose an amount to give

Because of your $50 monthly donation, we can deploy 12 more laptops to enable 240 more students every year.

TechLit Africa is a registered 501c3 charityEIN: 83-2767182

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