Moha Ismael

Country Director
I was raised in Rongai, Nakuru Kenya. I've been a journalist at Multichoice Tanzania and NTV Kenya, and a computer hardware technician.
For a long time I had a passion to hold other peoples' hands and help spread my skills wherever I could and to the people who were in need of them, that's why when I first learned about TechLit and their programmes I was intrigued with what they were doing and how they were changing the community.
I immediately wanted to be part of their programme and even asked Nelly if I could be involved more in the programme. What I wanted was to be part of an NGO that was making a real change in a community where a lot of people are technologically Illiterate.
I run the day to day operations of TechLit's computer labs and at the end of the day my biggest joy is seeing those kids going home having moved a step closer to becoming computer programmers and software engineers. I also get to use my skills to repair broken computers and help set-up new laboratories that way TechLit's gets to expand to other schools.
Personally I know TechLit will be a big bridge in making all our futures great, both me and the rest of the teachers.

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