How To Become A Coder - Updated 2022 Version

2022-04-29 | by Tyler Cinnamon
How To Become A Coder Part 4

So you want to become a coder. People ask us all the time: "How do I learn to code?" "How can I improve?"

Here's Tyler's definitive answer (the updated 2022 version).

Our Hub And Spoke Model

2022-04-25 | by Tyler Cinnamon
Hub And Spoke

With our hub-and-spoke model, we ensure effective use by design. Nothing has been stolen or skimmed to-date. We ensure that donations are used regularly in the classroom, maintained and replaced as soon as possible.

Offline Touchtyping For The Win

2022-04-20 | by Tyler Cinnamon
Proud Kid Touchtyping

In 2019, Nelly and I started working on TechLit Africa full time. We first were teaching adults how to make money online, but quickly learned that teaching kids digital skills would be more effective. Before chaning our focus, we had one major win with adults.

Hosting an Open Computer Lab in Kenya

2022-04-19 | by Tyler Cinnamon
Kids At A Computer

In 2019, Nelly and I worked hosted 1,200 kids from Mogotio in our open lab experiment. In two months, we built systems to safely and efficiently transform thousands of kids into digital natives.

Engineering Scalable Impact

2022-04-18 | by Tyler Cinnamon
Tyler Configuring The Network

In 2019 Nelly and I left our cozy corporate jobs to work on TechLit Africa full-time. Today we are completely focused on teaching digital skills in primary schools in rural Africa, but when we started we were focused on a very different solution.

The Magic of Specialty Projects

2022-04-15 | by Tyler Cinnamon
Successful Kiddo

Students who are intrinsically motivated are excited to be in class, they're hungry to learn more, and they think about class when they're out of school. Creating intrinsic motivation is like lighting a fire that burns long after class is over.

Specialist educators are passionate role models who are obsessed with one specific skill. Specialists introduce the basics of a specific skill, from music production using a DAW to business lessons using spreadsheets.

Fundamentals of Tech Literacy

2022-04-14 | by Tyler Cinnamon
Kids Learning Digital Skills

TechLit classes in primary schools follow a curriculum that is made of three pillars, designed to close the gap between the skills adults in rural Africa have, and the skills required to earn a living online.

Unlocking Software Dreams

2022-04-13 | by Tyler Cinnamon
Learning To Code In Kenya

Learning to code without a computer is like learning to read without a book. Digital skills unlock global opportunity.

The Meaning of Global Opportunity

2022-04-11 | by Tyler Cinnamon
Global Opportunity Statistics

When we say that there is global opportunity online, what we mean is that instead of making $4 per day working locally, you can make $8 per hour working online. The problem is that to be productive online, you need some fundamental skills.

Preparing Rural Africa for Web 3

2022-04-10 | by Tyler Cinnamon
Web 3 In Rural Africa

The door to web 3 is closed to many people around the world, but TechLit Africa's computer classes are making web 3 possible for students across Kenya.

Time to Rethink Your Laptop Recycling Approach

2022-03-23 | by Britney Sparrow
Rethink Laptop Recycling

An unwanted, obsolete, or malfunctioning laptop is considered e-waste. However, new sustainable ways of laptop recycling approaches have been introduced in today’s era.

Primary school in Kenya: what does it cost?

2022-03-04 | by Tyler Cinnamon
The Cost Of Primary School In Kenya

The numbers we came up with are $80 USD per year per student for private school, and $46 USD per year per student for public school.

Read on to learn how we came to those numbers, and why it's difficult to estimate.

The Merge: We love you 💛

2022-02-21 | by Nelly Cheboi
Moha Ishmael And Techlit Students

We made a music video that celebrates your kindness, generosity and support. This one's for you:

Thank You 💛

2021 Recap

2022-1-1 | by Tyler Cinnamon
01 Nelly Cheboi Tyler Cinnamon Shipping Refurbished Computers

Our 2021 Recap is a collection of 19 stories from our progress in 2021. You can experience our growth from zero to 10 computer labs while we relive the best moments of the year.

The Merge 3: Recap 2021

2021-12-10 | by Nelly Cheboi
Techlit Africa Educators Truck

When Covid restrictions were lifted this year, we got to work. This year, we built 10 computer labs! Looking back on our trip, everything happened really fast, but it didn’t seem that way when we were on the ground. We can set up 100 more schools next year.

Why You Should Play a Role in Africa’s Digital Economy

2021-11-15 | by Steve Alila
Kenya Youth Smiling Phones Laptops Mice

There is an urgent need to speed up growth of the digital economy in Africa at governmental, corporate, and individual levels. A few African countries have experienced massive economic growth after investing in telecommunications, digital trade, and fintech services. Participating in digitalization at an individual, corporate, or national level will spur innovation, create jobs, boost economic growth, and improve sustainable internet connectivity.

The Secret of Self-Efficacy in Education

2021-10-28 | by Steve Alila
Child Motivated Typing Repurposed Mac Laptop

Self-efficacy means believing in your ability to succeed in any situation. In a learning environment, self-efficacy shapes how teachers and learners set objectives and go about achieving them.

What Should I Do with My Company’s Used Computers?

2021-10-26 | by Steve Alila
Mc Rocky Reusing Mac Laptops Techlit Educators

You could be stranded on what to do with old computers that still work. Alternatively, you may be creating a solid IT asset disposition plan but not sure where to start. Either way, this article will help you spot the best solution. Here are five things you can do with your company’s used computers.

The Merge 2: Karibuni Mogotio, Kenya 🤗

2021-03-14 | by Nelly Cheboi
Kenya Kids Zawadi Preparatory Waving Hello

Last Saturday, I landed in Nairobi, Kenya with 44 laptops. Tyler and I plan on flying back and forth from Kenya to the States a few times every year.

The Merge: 2021 Goals

2021-02-01 | by Nelly Cheboi
Kenya Kids Playing Computer Games

The Network is a passionate and determined group of monthly givers on a mission to bridge the digital divide in our lifetime. People like you from different corners of the world, giving anything they can to prove how unstoppable we are when we work together.

Mogotio Labs Part 1: Equal Access

2021-01-22 | by Tyler Cinnamon
Peer To Peer Education Refurbished Laptops

TechLit builds computer labs in rural Africa and supplies computers to rural African schools and libraries. This one of many posts sharing what we learned while running an open computer lab in 2019.

Want to Empower Africa? Donate Technology

2020-03-30 | by Steve Alila
Nelly Cheboi Repurposing Pc Towers Laptops

This article focuses on technological milestones, challenges Africa faces while attempting to succeed technologically, and why we should rethink donation as the path to Africa’s success. Read on to find out more.

Sheila Kiplagat

2020-03-14 | by Nelly Cheboi
Sheila Kiplagat Playing Tuxmath Computer Games

It was her first day at the lab. Like most of our users, she had never used a computer. We introduced her to touch typing, she was leaving five minutes in.

Tyler Joins TechLit Africa

2019-07-17 | by Tyler Cinnamon
Tyler Cinnamon Smiling

Tyler is a self-taught programmer. He wants to see children growing up in the developing world to have the same opportunities with technology that he had.

Are we there yet? Our Overnight Success

2019-07-14 | by Nelly Cheboi
Women In Tech Breakfast Nelly Cheboi

I grew up in abject poverty. I wanted to move my family out of that shack. We had it bad, but we were average compared to other families in my community. I wanted to help them out too.

Building Zawadi

2019-06-18 | by Nelly Cheboi
Nelly Cheboi Crowd Of Kids Zawadi Prep

From its inception, Zawadi now has morphed into a community center for the village of Mogotio. My dream is to be able to provide all the required resources a typical school would have to help these children learn and become productive adults in their community.

Founding TechLit Africa

2019-04-19 | by Nelly Cheboi
Nelly Cheboi Laptop Code

My name is Nelly Cheboi. I am the co-founder of TechLit Africa, TechLit Africa fosters a more technologically literate Africa by building computer labs in schools. We aim to consistently monitor key indicators of digital literacy and collect feedback from our students and their communities.