(2/19) Recap 2021 - Flying to Kenya

by Nelly Cheboi on Dec 14, 2021

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02 Nelly Cheboi Packing Old Laptops For Reuse

We had a lot of big wins this year. One of the biggest was finding a cheap and easy way to get a lot of computers to Kenya. Until now, getting computers to kids in Kenya was quite an adventure!

We started small, by packing 5 laptops in our bags and calling the airlines about lithium restrictions. Over time, we brought more computers and carried extra bags with packing materials.

This year I broke our record. I brought 44 laptops in 4 extra, 70-pound bags. The cost of the extra baggage was more than the cost of my ticket!

For reference, flying computers in this way was still much better than shipping them over the ocean. It also meant that there weren’t enough computers for us to reach many kids.

We don’t need to pack computers in our bags anymore, because this year we found a way to pay half as much and avoid surprises at the border.

Now we can get a donated laptop to the classroom in about a week for just $50.

This was post 2 of 19 in our 2021 Recap.

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