(5/19) Recap 2021 - Reusing Computers

by Nelly Cheboi on Dec 17, 2021

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05 Tyler Cinnamon Techlit Founder Refurbishing Used Pc Towers

Hey, this is Tyler. I flew to Kenya in May this year. When I came on the scene, schools were just opening. And you remember the three pallets of computers we shipped in 2020? They were in Mogotio waiting to be set up.

Nelly went to a school called Mogotio Primary. Here’s some good news: they were open to being our guinea pig. So, the day after I arrived, we brought two bags of laptops on a motorbike to have a demo class. The kids had a blast!

Before I know it, I’m two-days deep installing our first computer lab. JoCee, our inaugural teammate, was there with me and it still took two full days! Causes of delay may include: securely erasing data, testing equipment, counting peripherals, installing our desktop and running network cables.

I was just telling Nelly, I think this was the most growth we’ve had at once this year. And that’s saying something, because we added 20 educators and onboarded ten schools later. Tomorrow you can see the reveal: Mogotio Primary v1.

This was post 5 of 19 in our 2021 Recap.

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