(11/19) Recap 2021 - Building Zawadi Yetu

by Nelly Cheboi on Dec 22, 2021

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11 Zawadi Preparatory Students Four Floor Zawadi Yetu

Strictly speaking, this isn’t a TechLit project, but it was a huge milestone for me this year. I built a four-story building for Zawadi (my private school in Kenya) this year!

We broke ground on Zawadi: Part 3 in March, and I honestly thought we were just doing the first two floors. A project like this takes a lot of coordination.

Chief Fundi is my project coordinator. He was on site every day, working alongside the two-dozen other contractors on the team. Chief Fundi was always ready to start the next stage of the project, so how could I say no?

You probably knew this, but TechLit isn’t going anywhere: TechLit signed a 10-year lease with Zawadi for the second floor, which became our new headquarters this year. We have a storage room, workshop, training room and classroom there.

When we were done with the last few floors, a local internet provider came to me and threw down a challenge. If I could get the fourth floor done, he could use it as a base station. Zawadi and TechLit could have free WiFi, and the surrounding area would have a very fast internet option. You can probably guess what happened. I’ll tell you more in a later recap.

This was post 11 of 19 in our .