(16/19) Recap 2021 - Nelly Sugu's Fundraiser

by Nelly Cheboi on Dec 28, 2021

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16 Nelly Sugu Social Entrepreneur Posing

Everybody needs a @nellysugu in their life. No words can really describe how hard it is to build something. Every day is a rollercoaster. People like @nellysugu give you energy to show up and keep fighting for what you believe in.

I met @nellysugu early this year. Shortly after, he was starting creative new fundraisers for TechLit.

There's a fitness challenge called 4x4x48. The challenge is to run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours. That’s 48 miles in 48 hours, and you can’t rest more than a few hours at a time!

@nellysugu and his friend @j.g_fitlife did the 4x4x48 challenge live on Instagram to raise money for TechLit!

When the kids and team in Kenya heard the news, there was pandemonium! Singing and dancing in the streets. @nellysugu and @j.g_fitlife were so inspiring that we made a music video.

Long story short, they crushed it! Here’s what they had to say about it after they finished: “Between runs we had to choose between food and sleep. We chose sleep.”

It goes without saying that @nellysugu and @j.g_fitlife are honorary members of the Mogotio Running Club now. All the kids are eagerly waiting their visit to Kenya (they think they can run faster and farther in a race). We’ll definitely share the results when they visit!

This was post 16 of 19 in our 2021 Recap.

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