(17/19) Recap 2021 - Code Your Dreams | Brianne Caplan

by Nelly Cheboi on Dec 29, 2021

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Brianne Caplan is a dear friend of mine. Bri has her own nonprofit, Code Your Dreams. She is building a community that teaches kids how they can use coding to transform their community for good. This is a story about when Bri came to visit us in July, this year.⠀

Code Your Dreams takes kids through the full lifecycle of app development. But it’s more than that, working with and for underserved communities, Code Your Dreams is truly creating social entrepreneurs out for the best kids for the job.⠀

When Bri came to visit Mogotio in July this year, she brought her program with her. I was excited to see her and so were the TechLit students.⠀

Bri prepared a five-day coding curriculum for my favorite kids. What she does is magical. In just a few days, the kids learned how to code (variables, conditions, loops and more) by jumping, shouting and playing games. Before she left, we were sure to add her curriculum to our classrooms.⠀

I can’t wait for her to visit again.

This was post 17 of 19 in our 2021 Recap.

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