(1/4) How To Become A Coder - Pick Your Goal

by Tyler Cinnamon on Apr 29, 2022

This is post 1 of 4 in Tyler's How To Become A Coder Series.

How To Become A Coder Part 1

So you want to become a coder. First let's understand what kind of coder you want to become. This will help you choose your goal and decide how to achieve it.

Three Archetypes

There are three kinds of coders you'll meet in the real world. First, there are professionals, who are skilled and responsible. Then, there are hobbyists, who are creative and carefree. Finally, there are hackers, who are quick and dirty.

When imagine yourself as a coder, what is it that excites you? Chances are, you will fit into one of these categories.

The Professional

Professionals code on-demand for money, like carpenters who show up early with their own tools.

If you are excited by supporting your family through a safe career in software, you might be a professional.

The Hobbyist

Hobbyists code to express themselves, like edgy artists who make confusing sculptures.

If you are excited by all the things you can build with code, you might be a hobbyist.

The Hacker

Hackers code to solve problems, like a handyman repairing an old house on a tight budget.

If you are excited by writing code to solve a painful problem you have, then you might be a hacker.

More Context

You'll find that as you learn to code, your archetype changes. As a coder, I was a hobbyist first, then became a hacker and then a professional after years on the job.

We'll use these archetypes to frame your goal. Every archetype has different motivations and advantages.

This was post 1 of 4 in Tyler's How To Become A Coder Series.

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