Updated July 21, 2022
Portrait of Matt Pelton Working

Matt Pelton
Board Member

I met Nelly in Chicago in 2019 at the introduction of Steve Bahls, Jane's husband and the President of Augustana College, from where both he (2010) and Nelly (2016) graduated.

Similar to Nelly, I had left a stable corporate role years prior to help build organizations and support entrepreneurs across the African continent - first leading the Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship program at the African Leadership Group, and more recently as part of the founding team of African Leadership University, where I served as the MBA product manager and helped build the ALU School of Business from initial concept to product launch.

While working with leaders and entrepreneurs across Africa, I was inspired by the role of entrepreneurship in driving social and economic impact, and was impressed by the opportunity for technology-enabled businesses in Africa to leapfrog legacy business models. My passion for Africa started in an Augustana study abroad program in West Africa, and I have since invested time to support expansion of Africa-related initiatives at my alma mater.

Nelly and Tyler invited me to join TechLit's board in 2020 and he was excited to support a fellow alumnus and her partner to scale their vision and bring technology and skill development programs to youth and schools across the continent.