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There is surplus of technology in America and scarcity in rural Africa. We bridge the gap by repurposing those technology to build computer labs in rural African Schools. Help us bring the library of the world to the children of the world.

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Our Beliefs

We believe that everybody should live on a level playing field, and that adoption of technology is the most effective equalizer.

Our Mission

We are leveling the playing field: everyone deserves modern tools. We repurpose surplus technology for communities to educate, do business and lead.

Our Vision

An Africa where every child is able to access and leverage modern tools to learn and reinvent their world.

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Our Founders

As a couple and software engineers, we believe adoption of technology is the most effective equalizer.

Tyler and I met at our first engineering jobs. I grew up in abject poverty, in Mogotio, Kenya. Although I didn’t use a keyboard until I was eighteen, I now enjoy a successful career as a software engineer. Tyler is a self-taught programmer from Shabbona, Illinois. Though he didn’t pursue a software career early on, he was able to learn all the skills he now uses daily from freely available content online. Within a year, he was successful in a new field. Tyler is proof that a motivated person can gain skills if they have access to the right technology and content

In the beginning, typing in front of my team was so intimidating that I would tremble if required to type in that setting. I practiced for a year to gain the skill and confidence that my colleagues took for granted. I believe, through technology, my African community can find a sustainable solution to poverty.


Nelly Built a school

Nelly Built a school

From its inception, Zawadi now has morphed into a community center for the village of Mogotio. My dream is to be able to provide all the required resources a typical school would have to help these children learn and become productive adults in their community. Unfortunately, much of the government funding does not extend to millions of children in remote areas across Africa, so their growth and development is often forgotten.

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How it all started

How it all started

My name is Nelly Cheboi. I am the co-founder of TechLit Africa, TechLit Africa fosters a more technologically literate Africa by building computer labs in schools. We are more than just access, we strive for effective use. We aim to consistently monitor key indicators of digital literacy and collect feedback from our students and their communities.

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Our overnight success. Are we there yet?

Our overnight success. Are we there yet?

I grew up in abject poverty. I wanted to move my family out of that shack. We had it bad, but we were average compared to other families in my community. I wanted to help them out too.

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