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Everyone deserves modern tools

There is surplus of technology in America and scarcity in rural Africa. We brigde the gap by repurposing those technology to computer labs in rural African Schools.

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About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe that everybody should live on a level playing field, and that adoption of technology is the most effective equalizer.

Our Mission

We are leveling the playing field: everyone deserves modern tools. We repurpose surplus technology for communities to educate, do business and lead.

Our Vision

An Africa where every child is able to access and leverage modern tools to learn and reinvent their world.

Access alone is not enough, we ensure effective use.

We build computer labs in rural African schools, equipped with games, videos and lessons from our open-source curriculum. Research leads us to believe that this will increase GDP, decrease unemployment and improve the quality of life for any African country we partner with.

Rough estimates tell us that there could be dozens of millions of upgraded computer workstations in the United States every year. Many companies will destroy and recycle these machines unless they have an easy alternative. With their donated equipment, we help rural African schools build computer labs.

Self-reliant students

Our curriculum is optimized for self-teaching, reducing the need for supervision. We empower teachers and students to act as their own technical support when IT challenges arise.

Self-sustaining communities

We encourage local businesses and governments to work with students of our after-hours programs to develop technical building blocks to accelerate growth.

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Our Team


Nelly Cheboi

Co-founder | Executive Director


Tyler Cinnamon

Co-founder | Chief Operating Officer


Jane Bahls



Emmanuel Marfo


Jack O'Donnell


Earl Moore

Jivko Bojinov

Jivko Bojinov

June 20, 2019

Education should be preparing students for the skills that's asked 5 -10 years from now and everyone deserves access to it.

Eyoel Berhane

Eyoel Berhane

April 15, 2019

More schools should reach beyond the 21st century, no matter where

Lucas Perez

Lucas Perez

May 16, 2019

An old laptop changed my life ten years ago, reusing forgotten technology to help others is a goal that all of us can share without any barriers

Ken Underhill, CEH, CHFI, MSCSIA

Ken Underhill, CEH, CHFI, MSCSIA

May 20, 2019

I grew up poor and education was my way out. I went from being a kid with no economic chance at college to holding a Master's degree in cyber security and giving back as an adjunct professor of Digital Forensics. I am a firm believer that education can change lives and that is why I support Nelly and her team at TechLit Africa. The entire cyber security industry should get behind this movement to impact the world and educate the next generation of cyber warriors.

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