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We're self-sustaining

Our program is designed to last well beyond the lifetime of any computer. We ship extra machines to schools to account for wear on-site, and update machines and software often from our local warehouse.

We're data-driven

We aim to consistently monitor key indicators of technological literacy and collect feedback from our students and their communities.

We're eco-friendly

We reduce our carbon footprint by maximizing reuse of electronic materials, keeping them out of the world’s waste streams for longer. We strive to responsibly recycle what we can't reuse.


We are more than just access, we ensure effective use.

Multiple studies have shown that increasing a nation’s mobile and Internet connectivity correlates with a rise in GDP. Connectivity holds the potential to empower the most disadvantaged through increased access to information and economic opportunities, yet today only 44.6 percent of the population in developing countries are mobile subscribers, only one-third have access to the Internet, and women are 23 percent less likely than men to have access to the Internet. And even though connectivity itself can be a driver of economic growth, it is only part of the solution. Without content that is locally relevant and the digital skills and literacy needed to access and create content, people will find little value in the products and services that new connectivity provides. - Brookings 2015

We distribute computers to schools in Africa. These computers are equipped with all the things you would find in a first-rate computer lab.

Self-reliant students

Our curriculum is optimized for self-teaching, reducing the need for supervision. We empower teachers and students to act as their own technical support when IT challenges arise.

Self-sustaining communities

We encourage local businesses and governments to work with students of our after-hours programs to develop technical building blocks to accelerate growth.

Why Donate?

Recycling one million laptops saves the energy equivalent to the electricity used by more than 3,500 US homes in a year.

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Building computer labs in schools in Africa

My name is Nelly Cheboi. I am the co-founder of TechLit Africa, an organization that fosters a more technologically literate Africa by building computer labs in African schools. I was raised in Mogotio, Kenya, in abject poverty. At nine years old, I collected wild vegetables on my way from school to cook for my younger sister. The only way I knew out was by studying. So I studied. I studied hard.

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My Niece hosting the after school program, she is eight

I cannot think of a better success story than the one of my niece Michelle. In the above picture, she collected all her neighborhood friends and walked them through the different programs. She goes to a different school, she is one grade higher than the highest Zawadi Prep class. She collects all the neighborhood kids and hosts the after-school program. She sits in the middle so she can monitor and guide all of them.

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He is not skipping school again

Boi, one of the kids sitting here missed weeks of school. In Mogotio, Kenya, as in many other parts of the country, students walk to school. Boi would leave home fully dressed, but never made it school. He would just hang around town until it is was time to go home. One morning, I found him playing in the town, waiting for his other friends. I told to him about the computers and that we were introducing some fun games at the school that day.

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