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TechLit Africa Job Vacancies

Open Positions in various parts of Rural Kenya

We need anyone with a passion for technology who can teach young students about becoming digital natives. Educators with and without TSC certification are welcome to apply.

School Lead Educator

School lead educators are responsible for:

  1. Guiding the learning of all the students in one school every day from 8am to 4pm.
  2. Attending regular meetings at TechLit HQ in Mogotio, to improve curriculum.

Application Via Email

To apply for a job at TechLit, introduce yourself, including your location, in an email to:

For tips on sending a good application email, checkout these two links from Indeed and Glassdoor

What Is Working for TechLit Africa like?

TechLit Africa is an ambitious organization, so it is not an easy job. Our goal is to create digital natives from every corner of Kenya, and we need to improve every single part of our organization to achieve that. You will be expected to imagine what your job should be, then lead others toward your solution.

How does TechLit Africa Teach Digital Skills?

Many schools teach digital skills like they would teach math: one step at a time. We don't believe digital skills work that way.

TechLit computer classes are project-based.

We have a project-based curriculum, where students are inspired by learning many different skills, and they create their own projects to practice and share on our offline internet program that runs in every school.

Why Is Everyone at TechLit Africa a Storyteller?

Our donors and us use stories to evaluate when our program is working, and it's how we all prove that we're fostering a more technologically literate Africa.

Storytelling is the key to success online

Everyone working at TechLit is a storyteller because it is the single most important key to success when working on the internet. If you want to raise money, build a successful business, or just get a lot of followers on TikTok, you must be a storyteller.

TechLit Africa hires Founders - What is a Founder Mindset?

The most valuable skill TechLit employees have is their ability to improve the world around them.

Everyone at TechLit is building an organization.

When founders get stuck with a problem, they take action. Founders use all the tools they have, they invent new solutions, and they show others how to succeed.

Moving Up and Graduating From TechLit Africa

We believe in building people up. That's why so many TechLit employees have graduated on to better things.

Many TechLit members build their own organizations.

Some educators become full-time ICT teachers at primary schools, some go on to pursue masters degrees and many even become founders of their own organizations.

Who Works at TechLit Africa?

We are a team of founders with a passion for technology.

Nelly Cheboi - Founder & CEO

Our founder is a success story of rural Africa.

Nelly Cheboi, our founder and CEO, grew up in Mogotio, Kenya. She has been featured as a CNN Hero and in Forbes 30 Under 30. Nelly's story is inspiring and everyone in TechLit works directly with her.

Kenya Founders & Educators

TechLit is a locally run organization.

Everyone working on TechLit Africa in Kenya grew up in rural villages, and knows how valuable digital skills can be. We are passionate about creating a generation of digital natives.

Our school leads are dedicated and caring educators that guide all the students in one school.

Our founding team is a small group of excellent technologists that push our organization forward.

International Supporters

TechLit jobs come with international connections.

TechLit Africa is an American 501c3 nonprofit organization founded by Nelly Cheboi and her partner Tyler Cinnamon. They have gathered a large international following, which interacts with the whole team every week.

Working for TechLit is a great way to make international connections and learn how to fundraise and capture global opportunities.

How to Apply for a Job at TechLit Africa

Getting a job at TechLit can be challenging, but very rewarding. The interview process alone is an empowering experience.

Apply For A Job via Email

Job applications start when you introduce yourself via email.

If you want to work with TechLit, you can apply now via email. Send us an introduction about yourself and what role you'd like to apply for. We'll respond within a few days, so make sure you're able to check your email account.

Meet Our Founding Team

Our founding team is looking for leaders to create lasting change.

Before meeting for an in-person interview, you will meet a member of our founding team over the phone. This stage of the interview helps us discover if a job at TechLit is the right place for you.

Interview with Our Educators

Our school leads and specialists are dedicated and evolve quickly.

The final step toward working at TechLit is to interview with our educators. You will join one of our school lead educators for a few computer classes in order to experience our program first-hand. In the final stage of the interview, you will be expected to:

  1. Find a powerful story to tell.
  2. Collaborate on curriculum.
  3. Teach digital skills.

Watch Our CNN Heroes Feature

This video by CNN explains the story behind TechLit through the eyes of our founder Nelly Cheboi.

Questions About TechLit Africa Jobs

What positions are open at TechLit Africa?

We're hiring full-time educators near Mogotio, Kenya.

Job vacancies that we're hiring for now:

  1. School Lead Educator
Can I work as a TechLit educator without a TSC certificate?

A TSC certificate is not necessary, but would be nice to have. We evaluate all educators on more than only their certification. We are seeking educators who have these traits:

  1. Superb teaching ability
  2. Hunger for improvement
  3. Authentic passion for technology
How can I apply to work at TechLit Africa?

Don't wait to apply! The first step is a call with our founding team.

  • Introduce yourself in an email and tell us if you'd like to be school lead educator.

Email an introduction to:

Do I need to travel to work with TechLit Africa?

Yes. For most TechLit positions, you will need to travel twice per school term to Mogotio, Kenya.

Do jobs at TechLit Africa pay well?

TechLit teachers earn 24,000 KES per month during school and 8,000 KES per month during the school holidays. Teachers normally work Monday to Friday and sometimes Saturday.

Can I work remotely for TechLit Africa?

No. All TechLit jobs are on-site. You will be working with primary school students every day, and must live nearby.