Updated September 8, 2022
Allan Kiprono teaching students in a TechLit classroom

A Photo and A Selfie

First published on September 8, 2022

Photography and Videography is part of our lessons in video production class.

Since the phone was introduced to our TechLit classes, students now enjoy and love taking videos of themselves then editing on their own, they like the slow motion video moves.

This week I visited Mombasa schools. In Victoria Baptist school, there was this student by the name Hamisi, she was the director of the day she was responsible of taking good photos and videos.

Hamisi was taking photos with the front-facing camera then take selfies with whom she was capturing. She said "Nachukua selfie ndio mwenye ataona hizi picha ajue ni Mimi ndio nilipiga " I take selfies so that when one sees their photos, they will know that I was the photographer.

She was the happy photographer.