Curriculum Subjects

TechLit classes are filled with practical subjects that we call specialties.

Students who are intrinsically motivated are excited to be in class, they're hungry to learn more, and they think about class when they're out of school. Creating intrinsic motivation is like lighting a fire that burns long after class is over.

Specialist educators are passionate role models who are obsessed with one specific skill. Specialists introduce the basics of a specific skill, from music production using a DAW to business lessons using spreadsheets.

Our Specialty Subjects

Student with Eyes Closed  at a computer lab in Mogotio Primary with QWERTY on screen

Internet Security

It is important that our students are safe online. Every TechLit student has their own classroom account (offline in the classroom only), and they are responsible for managing their own password, profile and cloud file storage.

 Gloria Wangui Sitting At Sainty Mary's computer lab Touch Typing


Touchtyping is a prerequisite to working efficiently on a desktop or laptop computer. The keyboard layout that we use isn't going away anytime soon, because it's still the fastest way to communicate and record information.

Student at Mogotio primary using spirals on Inkscape

Graphic Design

We teach students how to create images. They use vector software like Inkscape and image editing software like GIMP.

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