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Becoming a Corporate Partner

About Us

TechLit Africa, short for Technologically Literate Africa, is an American 501(c)3 nonprofit founded by Nelly Cheboi and Tyler Cinnamon.

The Problem

Rural Africans lack opportunities to make a living.

Our Solution

We equip kids in primary schools with digital skills, because digital skills can provide global opportunities.

Progress & Plans

In 2021, we expanded to 10 primary schools around Mogotio, Kenya, to begin working with over 4,000 students.

Now we are expanding to 100 more schools throughout Kenya, to begin working with another 40,000 students.

Impact Champions

Our impact champions are organizations and individuals who make significant contributions to our program costs. All administrative costs are funded separately by private donors.

Country Champions

Country-level champions have made a commitment of at least $50,000 per year. Their level of funding can ship enough computers to maintain hundreds of computer labs, creating a dozen jobs and equipping tens of thousands of students with digital skills.

Community Champions

Community-level have made a commitment of at least $10,000 per year. Their level of funding can set up a dozen schools, preparing an entire community with digital skills.

School Champions

School-level champions have made a generous commitment of $2,500 per year, which is the average cost of running computer classes for 1,000 students for an entire school year.

IT Reuse Partners

Organizations typically replace their IT equipment every few years. We can use your IT equipment for many years after you’re done with it. Every working computer donated to TechLit is deployed to a classroom.

What We Use

We take any working computer less than 10 years old, networking equipment, peripheral devices and spare parts. Used monitors are especially impactful.

Behind The Scenes

Your equipment will need to be packed & shipped to Kenya. We will need to securely erase all your data, and format the equipment for use in schools. Once deployed, it will be used in 8 classes per day, every school day for many years.

More Information

Learn more about becoming an IT reuse partner here:

More Ways To Partner

There are more ways to support TechLit than becoming a champion or IT reuse partner. If you have more ideas, please reach out to

In-Kind Partnership

Offering pro-bono services, discount software licenses, and volunteering can be engaging and effective.

Brand Partnership

With a brand partnership, we can create mutually-beneficial campaigns, merchandise, media, and experiences that create lasting social impact.

Workplace Giving

Engaging employees to give can be impactful for your organization and the world. From team building activities like fundraising in the workplace, to benefits like payroll deduction and donation matching, you can learn more here:

Next Steps

Our most effective partnerships have a multi-year lifecycle, and include many different tactics. To get started, reach out to

Learn More

Visit our website to learn more about our program and the story behind TechLit Africa:

Experience our work through this music video:

Share With Your Team

To know how TechLit resonates with the rest of your organization, you can share our website, follow us on social media or send a link to our music videos.

Start Small

We start many partnerships with something as small as donating a few laptops, or matching a few donations. The impact you make will speak for itself for years to come.

Watch Our CNN Heroes Feature

This video by CNN explains the story behind TechLit through the eyes of our founder Nelly Cheboi.