Updated August 2, 2022
Irene Sheey teaching graphic design

Learning to Learn with Inkscape

First published on June 9, 2022
Team Portraits Irene Jebungei
Irene Jebungei
School Lead Educator

Graphic Design Class at Chepyuan Primary

At Chepyuan Primary, we haven't had any specialty classes yet, because the electrical line feeding the school has been broken for many weeks. Finally, this week, we have Irene Sheey coming to teach Graphic Design with a graphics editor called Inkscape.

Class Seven's Favorite Specialty

Max is a class seven student. He surprised the class today during Inkscape class.

When Sheey, their Inkscape teacher, was not around, he was the life of the class.

He has liked vectors since the first day, because he can make shapes with beautiful different colors.

Learning To Learn / Self-Teaching

Max was able to draw the coloured shapes and upload for the rest of the school to see.

Then he figured out (by himself) that he can also draw not only shapes, but also coloured houses.

He drew a very nice house and coloured it. He was very amazing.

Leading His Class

Now Max has become a teacher in his class, teaching other students how to draw and make different hings in Inkscape.

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Team Portraits Irene Jebungei
Irene Jebungei
School Lead Educator

Irene Jebungei is our school lead educator in Chepyuan Primary School.