Updated August 2, 2022
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Questions and Self-Teaching in Mombasa

First published on July 25, 2022
Portrait of Allan Kiprono in a suit by a yellow door
Allan Kiprono
Specialist Educator

From Baringo to Mombasa

On Monday, I traveled from Mogotio hub to Mombasa hub with Magda. Our goal was to introduce students there to video production and design.

Our school lead in Victoria Baptist, Mwinyi, had already prepared the students for our arrival.

When we arrived at Victoria Baptist, one of our two schools in Mombasa, the kids were very excited. Mwinyi, our school lead at Victoria Baptist, had already highlighted to them that a specialist was coming from Baringo.

Introducing Video Production

The students were prepared with a lot of questions.

When I introduced myself as a specialist the kids were more excited. When I introduced video production to them, they were really calm and ready to hear what I had to say.

The students at Victoria Baptist asked a lot of questions:

  1. How will video production help them?
  2. Why is video production important?
  3. Can they do video production at home or at a higher level?

They really liked it when I told them they really could make good videos like they watch on TV. I even got two student teachers to help me run the class.

A Self-Teacher Named Fabrin

I had a student by the name Fabrin who was outstanding. He was in Grade 4, Group 1. He easily understood what I had taught.

Fabrin chose to teach the other student what he learned.

Without me showing him, Fabrin learned how to use a common shortcut, Control-A, to move all the videos at once. Some students like to be the only one with some skill, but Fabrin choose to teach the other students what he learned. He taught his group and even stayed to show the second group in Grade 4.

Overall, the response to video production in Victoria Baptist was very good. The Mombasa students are just awesome.

About The Author

Portrait of Allan Kiprono in a suit by a yellow door
Allan Kiprono
Specialist Educator

Allan is a photographer, journalist and the founder of KE Media. With TechLit he inspires students with his passion for video production. Students learn to use video editing software with Allan.