Nelly Cheboi (Kosi)
Updated August 2, 2022
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Nelly Cheboi (Kosi)
CEO | CNN Hero | Forbes Under 30

Nelly Cheboi grew up in poverty in rural Kenya, struggling with basic sustenance and education. Cheboi ultimately received a scholarship in America, worked odd jobs to support her family and discovered her passion for computer science. She came up with a plan to end intergenerational poverty. Leverage the digital economy to provide more opportunities for rural African to make a living. Her organization, TechLit Africa up-cycles old computers to teach digital skills in primary schools. She is on Forbes 30 under 30 list and also the CNN Hero of Year 2022.

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Questions About Nelly Cheboi

How can I contact Nelly Cheboi?

You can contact Nelly Cheboi through the TechLit website. She manages TechLit's WhatsApp number in Kenya and has a TechLit business email.

What is meeting Nelly Cheboi like?

You can meet Nelly Cheboi yourself over zoom or on a call, because she's always available. Learn more about contacting Nelly Cheboi here: