Updated May 29, 2023
Kenyans.co.ke features Nelly Cheboi after Forbes Quora Feature

kenyans.co.ke (Popular Kenyan Blog) Exaggerates Nelly's Wealth

Published on May 30, 2022

Quora featured an answer Nelly wrote on their site. They featured the answer on their social media and also on Forbes.

Kenyans.co.ke saw this and featured Nelly. The article was well written but they had mixed up Zawadi Yetu fee's structure and TechLit. Zawadi Yetu, a private school that Nelly build while in college charges $10 a month. Zawadi only has 300 students. TechLit on the other had only parents a $1 a kid a month. TechLit works with 4000 students. Kenyans.co.ke made an honest mistake where they took the Zawadi charge and multiplied by the number of TechLit students. This comes out to 40,000 a month or 4.6 million Kenyan shilling. They initial headline which has since been correct was "29-Yr-Old Kenyan Girl 4.6 a Month and Giving It All to Poor Kids". That went viral! So many other news outlets in the country picked the story up include Tuko another famous Kenyan news site.

Such an honest mistake headline brought a lot of attention to TechLit Africa which made us an household name in many parts of Kenya

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