Updated May 29, 2023
Nelly Cheboi surprise return from America got picked up by Tuko News

Tuko Picks Up Nelly's Surprise Return

Published on July 19, 2022


Tyler and Nelly were returning to Kenya in July this year, but kept it a surprise from Nelly's family and the TechLit team. Nelly recorded everyone's reaction as they found out, and compiled it into a TikTok video. Then, tuko.co.ke picked up the story and it went viral!

Nelly's Comments on Instagram

My surprise TikTok video got picked up by tuko.co.ke , a leading news site in Kenya under Celebrities tab 🙈. Definitely adding producer to my resume. The coolest part is that both my immediate family and techlitafrica family are in it 🤗.

I was really surprised how quickly each person become my assistant producer after the surprise. My little sister called the driver and told him he will be picking friends of mine my from Nigeria. He drove all the way thinking of questions he will be asking them about Nigeria. After his surprise, he came up with the idea of me sitting in the trunk/boot and he opens it asking them to help him unload. Each one of them said they were pranked 10/10 and wanted to prank the next person.

I am really honored tuko.co.ke picked it up and mentioned them in the article. This is a sneak preview of how it is like to be in the techlitafrica family. The video is the reel right before this one.

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