Updated May 29, 2023
Nelly Cheboi on the cover on Midweek

Nelly's Forbes 30 Under 30 News Spreads via The MidWeek

Published on January 21, 2022

Tyler's mom wanted The Midweek to do a story on Nelly Cheboi but as a surpise. She called Katrina Milton to pitch the story. Katrina took a little longer to call Nelly, so every day Tyler's mom would ask Tyler if Katrina had called. Tyler who did not want to ruin the suprise couldn't find a cryptic way to ask so in the end Nelly found out. Nelly now really wanted to story to happen because this was such a sweet thing her mom in law was doing. Katrina finally called.

When the story came out, it was on the cover of The Midweek. A very known newspaper in Shabbona. So people in town kept bringing their copy to Tyler's parents. Everywhere they went, people kept asking about TechLit Africa.

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