Reducing E Waste By Re-using IT Assets In Rural African Schools

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Currently, we have 4,000 students from 10 schools across rural Kenya. We are selecting our next 100 schools in Kenya, to prepare an additional 40,000 students.

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Watch Our CNN Heroes Feature

This video by CNN explains the story behind TechLit through the eyes of our founder Nelly Cheboi.

Questions About The TechLit Program

How much does the TechLit program cost?

The cost of computer classes varies by region. In Kenya, it costs about 100 Kenyan shillings per kid per month. Our current rate schedules are here.

Why does TechLit charge schools?

We charge schools for the full cost of the program, because we want tech literacy to be a part of school for the long-term. Read more about why we charge schools here.

Can I meet with Nelly Cheboi to learn more?

Yes! Nelly manages our WhatsApp business phone in Kenya. You can contact Nelly Cheboi for answers: