Updated September 5, 2022
Primary Schools Mogotio Primary Groups Of Mogotio Primary Students Waiting In Line To Join The Computer Lab

Mogotio Primary

Baringo County

Mogotio Primary is a public primary school in Mogotio, Kenya. TechLit classes in Mogotio Primary serve over 800 students.

Mogotio Primary Sets an Example

Mogotio is a reference for other schools interested in computer classes.

Mogotio Primary was the first public school to have TechLit classes. After installing at Mogotio, we used their lab a reference for other schools. To this day, Mogotio allows us to bring guests from schools in Kenya and from organizations abroad to see how classes work in their school.

Nelly's Childhood School

Nelly's childhood teachers are so proud of what she's brought back to Mogotio.

15 years ago, our CEO Nelly was a student at Mogotio Primary. The computer classroom we use today was originally Nelly's eighth grade classroom. In fact, some of her childhood teachers still work at the school. Her teachers so proud that she came back and transformed her old school.

Nelly often talks about her childhood. At that time, she didn't even have the word computer in her vocabulary. Now, students at her childhood school use computers in school every other day.

Proud Students at Mogotio Primary

Nancy doesn't even want to be a private schooler anymore.

It's very common in Kenya that parents make extreme sacrifices to choose private school over public school for their children. Naturally, students in public schools often wish they could also attend private schools.

One day, a fifth grader at Mogotio Primary school explained how she can't wait to show her friend, a private schooler, all the things she learns in TechLit classes. Nancy was so proud to be a Mogotio student that she doesn't even want to be a private schooler anymore.

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