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Collins Rocky
Updated December 6, 2022
Colins Rocky at the Rooftop

Collins Rocky
Kenya Finance Lead

I am Collins Rocky. I am 22 years old. I am a Finance lead at TechLit Kenya and a content manager Help Aid Africa. I was born and raised in Mogotio, Kenya. I went to Mogotio Primary, graduated in 2015 and joined Kisanana Boys. For as long as I can remember, I have always dreamt of being an anchor at CNN.

When I joined high school I got a bigger platform to sharpen my skill. I would MC as many events as they would let me. I even got a chance to read the news on weekly school assemblies. The opportunities I got in high gave me a lot of confidence and brought me closely to achieving my dreams. Shortly after I was being invited to be an MC at wedding parties. I was only a sophomore in high school and barely 16. I used the income I got from the events to pay for my high school tuition and offset the burden on my mum.

Seeing that I could support my mum and also practice on my presenters skills really motivated me to pick up more MC gigs during the holidays. After I graduated high school, I wanted to join university and study journalism but I knew that was not an option. I was the first in my family and my single mother had my younger siblings to educate. So I sought out to do more gigs so I could support my siblings.

I was doing a few events, acting gigs and even facebook lives when I came across TechLit Africa. At TechLit Africa I have gotten a steady stream of income for a year now. With this income, I have been able to pay for my sister's high school. Through TechLit Africa in partnership with European Business University (EBU) I enrolled in remote classes and I am now working on getting my CPA.

I have made tremendous steps towards my dream of being a journalist. I started my own Media Company Mogotio TV. The goal is to tell really captivating stories of our flourishing town.