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Jack O'Donnell
Updated July 21, 2022
Portrait of Jack O'Donnell hiking

Jack O'Donnell
Board Member

Five plus years ago, I met Tyler and Nelly when they appeared at a volunteer event for the World Computer Exchange. I could tell from day one that they had a passion for reaching children with technology.

Soon after that meeting I learned of their plans for TechLit Africa. As I became more involved in their work I began to understand that TechLit Africa’s mission was to not just support and train children in using technology but also provide examples of what was possible in their lives.

Prior to my involvement with TechLit Africa I spent 16yrs as the Chicago Coordinator for the World Computer Exchange which shipped refurbished computer to overseas classrooms. Before that I taught high school in the US and worked a a tech/curriculum specialist. That experience is what I hope to bring as a Board member to TechLit Africa. I am committed to helping this great adventure in broadening the choices for kids in Africa.