Board Members
Jane Bahls
Updated July 21, 2022
Portrait of Jane Bahls by waterfall

Jane Bahls
Chair of the Board

I met Nelly in 2011 when she started at Augustana College, because our church, Trinity Lutheran Church, Moline, was sponsoring her. She soon became a member of our family, and we’ve offered support as needed and cheered each accomplishment.

In our living room one Thanksgiving she and Tyler began sharing their vision for an organization that could help overcome the digital divide in Africa, and they named it that evening. I was honored to serve as the first member of the board, which I now chair. I’ve been able to offer my observations and experience serving on various nonprofit boards in my community as to how a board functions and some principles of fundraising.

My 20-year career as a magazine freelancer gives me some skill as an editor of TechLit materials. It’s exciting to be part of this energetic organization as board chair and financial backer, knowing that what all these children are learning will open the world for them and help lift all their families out of poverty.