Updated July 29, 2022
Portrait of Irene KemboiDogo Flower smiling through a windowPortrait of Allan Kiprono in a suit by a yellow doorPortrait of Lucy Koi in a red dress doing a heart pose

Our Specialist Educators

Specialist educators at TechLit Africa are responsible for teaching one specific skill such as video production, graphic design or internet security. They are role models that inspire students to pursue interesting projects.

Portrait of Irene Kemboi
Irene Kemboi
Specialist Educator

Irene teaches the introductory lessons to graphic design. She explains how students can use Inkscape to create vector graphics.

Dogo Flower smiling through a window
Dogo Flower
Specialist Educator

Dogo is a talented musician who inspires students with his passion and work ethic. Dogo shows students how to create music using computer software.

Portrait of Allan Kiprono in a suit by a yellow door
Allan Kiprono
Specialist Educator

Allan is a photographer, journalist and the founder of KE Media. With TechLit he inspires students with his passion for video production. Students learn to use video editing software with Allan.

Portrait of Lucy Koi in a red dress doing a heart pose
Lucy Wangoi
Specialist Educator

Lucy is our internet skills and touchtyping specialist.

Questions About Specialist Educators

How can I become a specialist educator?

You can apply via email. Introduce yourself via email here: jobs@techlitafrica.org

To learn more about working at TechLit, read our jobs page: https://techlitafrica.org/jobs

Is TechLit hiring specialists now?

Yes! We have open positions in Kenya. We are almost always hiring for these roles:

  1. School Lead Educator
  2. Specialist Educator