Updated August 2, 2022
Computer Classes Denis Marega Teaching Students

Creativity and Self-Teaching with Graphics Editing

First published on May 25, 2022
Team Portraits Denis Marega
Denis Marega
School Lead Educator

Graphics Editing in Primary School

Before specialists came to our school, students were eager to start design practice.

As a school lead, my job is to help students practice specialties, but not teach specialties myself. But when TechLit began teaching a graphic design specialty, my students and I were too eager to start practicing to wait.

So today I showed some classes how to open and use Inkscape, the graphics editor we have in our computer classes. I was happy with the results.

Creativity and Self-Teaching

Faith and Prince taught themselves new skills, and became even more creative!

Two kids, Faith Jepkorir and Prince Kimutai, managed to do very well with Inkscape. They made shaped, colored the shapes, wrote the shapes' names and also wrote their full names.

I'm happy with the lessons because Faith and Prince showed themselves how to do things. They discovered that they can write their name and color their name with different colors.

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Team Portraits Denis Marega
Denis Marega
School Lead Educator

Denis is our school lead educator in Mogotio Primary School.