Updated August 4, 2022
Milka Akware supervising a computer classroom

Tiezo Leads Computer Class

First published on June 9, 2022
Portrait of Milka Akware
Milka Akware
School Lead Educator

Introducing Tiezo, Grade 3

Teizo, a grade 3A student, made the video production class great today for other students who were seeing it as hard.

Starting Video Production

Since Allan, their video production teacher, was not there to teach video production to grade 3A, I explained to them to see whether they still remember what they were taught on the previous day by Allan.

I told the class that the first one to create the video will help the rest of the students who don't understand.

Leading Grade 3

Tieza was doing her work perfectly. She made the rest of the students enjoy the lessons and love video production. She taught her friend Sarah, which was amazing and then they both became teachers.

Therefore the video production class became interesting, where I had two teachers operating the class. Many students understood the lesson, which was good and very impressive.

About The Author

Portrait of Milka Akware
Milka Akware
School Lead Educator

Milka is our school lead educator in Saint Mary's Primary in Mogotio, Kenya.