Updated August 5, 2022
Saint Mary students playing Potato Guy

Saint Mary's

Baringo County

Saint Mary's is a public primary school in Mogotio, Kenya. It is one of TechLit's largest schools, with roughly 1,000 students.

How Saint Mary's Helped Us Grow

Saint Mary's forced us to improve our process.

We started computer classes at Saint Mary's shortly after Mogotio Primary, our first public school. When we started, Saint Mary's had more students than we'd ever handled before. We started with class sizes of over 50 students!

Because Saint Mary's had so many students, we were forced to improve our process really quickly. From the very beginning, we were challenged with developing an efficient time-table.

Eventually, we learned that if we took classes during lunch breaks, before and after school, every student could have their own time with a computer twice per week.

School Lead - Milka Akware

Milka runs a really tight ship!

Every TechLit school has a school lead educator, that works with kids in the school from 8am-4pm every day. School leads like Milka are responsible for ensuring each student is challenged and becoming digital natives.

Milka is the school lead at Saint Mary's. Milka runs a really tight ship! She keeps track of how all 1000+ kids are progressing, and remembers who needs help with what.

Students At Saint Mary's

Saint Mary's students is full of promising digital natives.

Hussein is a 7th grader who started making art for us with pencil and paper very early on. Now, Hussein turns his art into sharp vector graphics with Inskcape.

Gloria's favorite class has been touch-typing, she even got featured on the CNN video. Students at Saint Mary's have been very impressive!

Meet the students at Saint Marys

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Student at Saint Marys computer lab
First Graders at the computer lab in Saint Marys Primary Mogotio Kenya
 A Student Sitting In Front Of A Computer During Open Lab In Saint Mary's Mogotio
 Gloria Wangui Sitting At Sainty Mary's computer lab Touch Typing
Student at Saint Marys touch typing feedback screen

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Questions About Saint Mary's

Where is Saint Mary's School?

Saint Mary's is a primary school located in Mogotio, Kenya.

When did Saint Mary's start computer classes?

TechLit Africa introduced computer classes to Saint Mary's in July, 2021.

How much does TechLit computer classes cost?

In Baringo county, TechLit classes cost 40k KES per month for a public school. In Saint Mary's school, that is about 40 KES per student per month.

Pricing in other regions may differ.