Updated August 2, 2022
Primary Schools Students Watch Inspiring Video

Hopeful Message From A Surprise Visit

First published on July 28, 2022
Team Portraits Denis Marega
Denis Marega
School Lead Educator

A Normal Week of Computer Class

This week at Mogotio Primary we were dealing with how the kids can save their work. So from Monday to Friday our target was to ensure every kid is able to save their work.

A Surprise Visitor

On Monday afternoon this week our CEO Nelly Cheboi came into the lab and surprised everyone in the lab. The children were not expecting her! While she was there, Kosi uploaded a video on social.

I was not aware that Kosi uploaded it onto the computer until one kid by the name Dorah found it. "Watch kosi talk about techlit on cnn!"

Just Like Us

What shocked her is that in that video she saw a Kosi with a uniform like they have. Dorah called me over. "Teacher kuja! Uone kosi na uniform ya mogotio primary?" She asked me in kiswahili, "Kosi alisomea hapa?"

"Yeah! Alisomea hapa" I told Dorah. All the children jumped from their computer and gathered to Dorah's computer. (They didn't notice that all computers have the video.) They were very happy.

After watching that video, I told them go and watch on your computer. I told them that every computer has that video.They crashed on their computer by saying in kiswahili "kumbe kosi alisomea hapa?"

About The Author

Team Portraits Denis Marega
Denis Marega
School Lead Educator

Denis is our school lead educator in Mogotio Primary School.