Updated July 23, 2022
Tyler Cinnamon how to code: the long way

(4/4) How To Become A Coder - The Easy Way

First published on May 4, 2022
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Tyler Cinnamon
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How To Become A Coder

So you want to become a coder. People ask me all the time: "How do I learn to code?" "How can I improve?"

Here's my definitive answer (the updated 2022 version).


You either don't want to become very skilled at programming or you want a to get a coding job, because learning to code takes a lot of practice, you learn best from writing code that people use, and you need to earn a living.

How To Become A Skilled Coder

The only way to become a skilled coder is by writing a lot of code that a lot of people use.

Most people get a computer science degree of join a coding bootcamp, then become skilled after working a job writing code that lots of people use.

It's rare to become skilled at coding without ever being a professional.

Three Requirements

I think there are three reasons why most people work as a professional before becoming skilled at coding.

If you want to become a coder, these are your requirements:

  1. You need to code for thousands of hours (at least) to be very skilled.
  2. You need to write a lot of code that people need before you know if the code you write is any good.
  3. You need to support yourself (and potentially your family) while doing 1 and 2.

Learning To Code The Easy Way

My advice is that you should be honest about your goals. First, you need to know what kind of coder you want to be (read my last few posts to figure that out).


If you want to become a hobbyist coder, then go watch some videos and relax.

If creating neat things with code is what excites you, then there's no rush. You can code well into retirement.

Novice Hackers / Techies

If you want to hack on small things, like websites or chrome plugins, then get to it!

Whatever coding project you have in mind, all you have to do is find out what material it's made of, and then learn to mold that material.

Skilled Hackers / Founders

If you want to hack on big things, like real-time mobile apps or no-code metaverse platforms, then you may need to become a professional first.

There is no shortcut to building reliable and scalable software with hundreds of features, but you can learn how very quickly by working at the right company.


If you want to earn money, you've come to the right place. Becoming a professional coder is easier now than ever.

The easiest way to learn to code is by investing in a boot camp for a short time, then replacing your full-time job with a coding job.

Join the best coding boot camp you can find, then focus on getting a coding job. You'll be a coder in no time.

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Tyler Cinnamon Black Background
Tyler Cinnamon
Founder & COO

Tyler Cinnamon is a American programmer and entrepreneur. He started TechLit Africa with Nelly Cheboi in 2018 to disrupt poverty with used IT devices.