Tyler Cinnamon
Updated July 30, 2022
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Tyler Cinnamon
Founder & COO

I founded TechLit with Nelly in 2018. We were living and working together in a small apartment in Chicago. Nelly had the idea to teach technology in Kenya by building schools, and I said: "the schools already exist, we just need the computers classes." Since then, I have worn many hats, from connecting hardware and software to lifting boxes and teaching classes.

Before TechLit I was a self-taught software engineer. I was immersed in programming from a young age, first hacking on TI calculators and visual languages, and eventually building websites and flash games.

Now I’m bringing my love of software and ambitious optimism to TechLit, because I believe everyone in the world should be able to use recent technology. I think we can use technology this way to make humankind as a whole more equitable and efficient.

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