Updated July 23, 2022
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Preparing Rural Africa for Web 3

First published on April 10, 2022
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Tyler Cinnamon
Founder & COO

Web 3 Is The Future

The door to web 3 is closed to many people around the world, but TechLit Africa's computer classes are making web 3 possible for students across Kenya.

Web 3 is an exciting new wave of inventions happening on the internet all at once. It includes cryptocurrencies, decentralized autonomous organizations, augmented and virtual reality, and much more.

For many, web 3 is a chance to build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive society without the flaws of 21st-centry capitalism, corporate hierarchy, and the prejudice that comes from physical differences.

Tech Literacy Required

As digital natives, we are ready to take advantage of web 3. We are comfortable in new digital communities, anonymously and with a curated personality. As digital natives, we know how to mange our brand, time and resources. Most importantly, we know how to efficiently use computers, phones and the internet to contribute to society.

Unfortunately, rural Africa is not fully ready to take advantage of web 3. We've learned a lot from other tech-for-good organizations and from our own experience working with adults in rural Kenya. We have seen first-hand the gap between digital natives and those who have not become immersed in technology.

Preparing for Web 3

We want to see everyone take part in a more diverse, equitable and inclusive internet. Everyone should have a seat at the table, to take advantage of the global economy. Everyone should get a voice in the global conversation.

TechLit Africa is focused on closing the gap between where rural Africa is now and where it could be. We teach computer classes in primary schools equip kids in rural Africa with digital skills.

By the time TechLit students graduate, they will be prepared for web 3. They will be able to earn money and have a clear voice online. The first step is fundamental tech literacy, which is what TechLit Africa teaches in primary schools.

About The Author

Tyler Cinnamon Black Background
Tyler Cinnamon
Founder & COO

Tyler Cinnamon is a American programmer and entrepreneur. He started TechLit Africa with Nelly Cheboi in 2018 to disrupt poverty with used IT devices.