Updated August 3, 2022
Tyler Teaching Coding In Dreams Hills Primary School

Teaching Coding in Dreams Hills Primary

First published on July 25, 2022
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Tyler Cinnamon
Founder & COO

Specialists Graduating

ingLast term, our computer programming educator, Evanso, graduated to another role. He was one of our most promising specialists, carefully understanding what students need and always finding new teaching methods. He is now an IT teacher at a public school called Ol-Rongai, which means he has all the benefits of a government job and can work with the same students every day.

In Need of An Educator

So this week, I decided to take over Evanso’s role as TechLit’s computer programming educator while we choose and train someone to fill his shoes. My week of teaching began at Dreams Hills, a private school 30 minutes from Mogotio. Dreams Hills is a challenging school to start with because they are much busier than many of TechLit’s member schools.

A Passion for Coding

I have been programming computers for most of my life, and have worked professionally at many companies. In all of that time, I have only become more passionate about code and crafting software. My passion for the creative potential of technology and the leverage it gives people is why I’m building TechLit.

Learning The Basics

This week I’ve shared my passion with hundreds of students at Dreams Hills, and I think it caught on. Students from class 3, 4, 5 and 6 started their journey with programming this week with me. I explained the potential of computer programming, and how they can learn the basics with Scratch, a block-based programming app built for kids.

Unlimited Potential

Soon these students will all be creating projects of their own. This week they only had 20 minutes each to practice combining blocks of code, and so they only made a basic animation. But in the next few weeks, they will have enough time to make games and see their visions come to life.

About The Author

Tyler Cinnamon Black Background
Tyler Cinnamon
Founder & COO

Tyler Cinnamon is a American programmer and entrepreneur. He started TechLit Africa with Nelly Cheboi in 2018 to disrupt poverty with used IT devices.