Updated August 1, 2022
Nelly Cheboi - CNN Hero 2022 - featured on CNN Heroes landing page

What does it take to become a CNN hero?

First published on July 17, 2022
Nelly Cheboi Black Background
Nelly Cheboi (Kosi)
CEO | CNN Hero | Forbes Under 30

Disclaimer: I am a 2022 CNN Hero. This is what I gathered from my experience with them. Experiences may vary from person to person

CNN Hero starts with a nomination. Nomination usually opens in December and closes on July 31st the following year. The nomination is pretty simple, just a two part question on the nominee and their impact. The nomination form is available on their website

If selected to proceed to the next step, CNN reaches out and starts a lengthy review process. After which they will send a team to the ground to a story. CNN will continue to announce CNN Heroes during the year. The hero of the week will be on CNNHeroes page and also on CNN heroes social media pages.

Around Fall CNN Heroes announces the Top 10 Heroes, of the current year heroes. Top 10 Heroes are the one that get voted on. Each Top 10 hero gets $10, 000 and hero of the year gets $100,000.

If you or anyone you know impresses you, nominate them. Don’t self-reject, let CNN be the judge. It is a really short nomination process. That stays open until July 31st


How can I contact Nelly Cheboi?

You can find Nelly's contact information on the TechLit website. She manages TechLit's WhatsApp number in Kenya and has a TechLit business email.

Where can I meet Nelly Cheboi?

Nelly is available for calls and meetings over zoom! It's best to introduce yourself over email or introduce yourself over WhatsApp first.

About The Author

Nelly Cheboi Black Background
Nelly Cheboi (Kosi)
CEO | CNN Hero | Forbes Under 30

Nelly Cheboi is a celebrated social entrepreneur, Forbes 30 under 30 honoree, and CNN Hero. After growing up in rural Kenya and lifting her family out of poverty, she focused on her community.