Updated September 5, 2022
Students at Barina screaming outside when receiving computer labs

Barina Primary

Baringo County

Barina is a public primary school in Nakuru county, Kenya. TechLit classes in Barina serve over 600 students.

Barina's ICT Teacher Nick

Nick was teaching computer classes even before TechLit started.

Barina was the first school to have TechLit classes in Nakuru county, all thanks to their ICT teacher, Nick.

Nick was already teaching computer classes in Barina Primary School before TechLit started. He downloaded educational videos from youtube to share with his class on a projector. This is quite rare in rural Kenyan schools.

Nick convinced his school to invited TechLit for a presentation.

Our CEO Nelly happened to be visiting another school the same day as Nick. After hearing about the program TechLit was offering, Nick rushed back to Barina and convinced the headteacher there that Barina should bring TechLit to their school immediately. The next day, Barina's headteacher invited Nelly to meet the school board, the teachers and Barina students.

Now with TechLit in the school, Nick always has feature requests for our server, and he actively markets TechLit classes to many other schools in the area.

Barina's Favorite Subject: Graphic Design

Kids in Barina prepare their artwork before class.

Barina students love to draw with Inkscape. Initially, we only introduce students to Inkscape as a way to draw shapes and add fonts, but the Barina students caught on quick. They were the first school to sketch drawings at home on paper first, then transfer their drawings to the computer when they're in TechLit class.

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