Updated August 5, 2022

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Nelly Cheboi Black Background
Nelly Cheboi (Kosi)
CEO | CNN Hero | Forbes Under 30

Nelly Cheboi is a celebrated social entrepreneur, Forbes 30 under 30 honoree, and CNN Hero. After growing up in rural Kenya and lifting her family out of poverty, she focused on her community.

Tyler Cinnamon Black Background
Tyler Cinnamon
Founder & COO

Tyler Cinnamon is a American programmer and entrepreneur. He started TechLit Africa with Nelly Cheboi in 2018 to disrupt poverty with used IT devices.

Portrait of Jane Bahls by waterfall
Jane Bahls
Chair of the Board

Jane Bahls has known Nelly since she started at Augustana College, in 2011. From the beginning, she has been an avid supporter and led our board of directors.

Portrait of Jack O'Donnell hiking
Jack O'Donnell
Board Member

Jack serves on our board and coordinates volunteers and logistics in Chicago. He served for 16 years as the Chicago Coordinator for World Computer Exchange after retiring from his career in education.

Portrait of Matt Pelton Working
Matt Pelton
Board Member

Matt Pelton is a financial consultant with a heart for Africa. He has helped build organizations and support entrepreneurs throughout Africa. Now, he also serves as a TechLit board member.

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Is TechLit hiring?

Yes, TechLit has job vacancies near Mogotio, Kenya. If you think you might apply and would like to interview as a teacher checkout out jobs page

What jobs are available at TechLit?

We have job vacancies in Kenya:

  1. School Lead Educator
  2. Specialist Educator

If you think you might apply and would like to interview as a teacher, check out our jobs page

How can I contact Nelly Cheboi?